• Nenad S Drašković University of Priština Faculty of Agriculture Kopaonička bb, 38228 Lešak Serbia
  • Dejan M Gurešić Faculty of Tehnological Sciences University of Priština, Kosovska Mitrovica Serbia.
Keywords: UV-vis spectrophotometry, IR spectroscopy, 1, 3-pdta, Copper(II) complexes, Nickel(II) complexes,


The complexes Li2[Ni(1,3-pdta)]•5H2O and Li2[Cu(1,3-pdta)]•5H2O (where 1,3-pdta represents the 1,3-propanediaminetetraacetate anion) have been  synthesized and characterized by applying IR and UV-vis    spectroscopy. The obtained spectroscopic results of these complexes are discussed in relation to those for Mg[M(1,3-pdta)].8H2O complexes (M = Ni(II) and Cu(II)) of known crystal structure.



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