• Branimir Jakšić University of Pristina: Faculty of Technical Sciences
  • Ivana Milošević High School of Electrical Engineering and Computers
  • Mile Petrović University of Pristina: Faculty of Technical Sciences
  • Siniša Ilić University of Pristina: Faculty of Technical Sciences
  • Slobodan Bojanić ETSI Telecomunicacion, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
  • Selena Vasić Faculty of Information Technology, University of Metropolitan
Keywords: IPTV, satellite, cable, digital terrestrial TV, broadband networks, broadcasting networks, HbbTV, Hybrid TV,


This paper describes the working principle of hybrid broadcast-broadband TV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV - HbbTV). The architecture of HbbTV system is given, the principle of its operation, as well as an overview of HbbTV specification standards that are in use, with their basic characteristics. Here are described the services provided by Hybrid TV. It is also provided an overview of the distribution of HbbTV services in Europe in terms of the number of TV channels that HbbTV services offer, the number of active hybrid TV devices, HbbTV standards which are in use and models of broadcast networks used to distribute HbbTV service.


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