• Ljiljana Paunović Teacher Education School in Prizren-Leposavić, University of Priština, Leposavić, Serbia.
Keywords: b-metric spaces, compatible mappings, P-increasing, integral equation, C-class functions,


Fixed point theorems for monotone operators in ordered metric spaces are widely investigated and have found various applications in differential and integral equations (Nieto & Rodríguez-Lόpez, 2005), (Nieto & Rodríguez-Lόpez, 2007), (Wu, 2008). Motivated by the work in (Agarwal et al., 2012) and (Luong & Thuan, 2011) we study the existence of solutions for a system of nonlinear integral equations in ordered b-metric spaces using the results given in this paper.


Author Biography

Ljiljana Paunović, Teacher Education School in Prizren-Leposavić, University of Priština, Leposavić, Serbia.

Docent na Učiteljskom fakultetu, naučna oblast   Matematika, magistratura iz oblasti numeričke analize (odbranjen magistarski rad na Prirodno-matematičkom fakultetu u Kragujevcu), doktorat iz oblasti funkcionalne analize (odbranjen na pmf-u u Kragujevcu).



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