• Danijel Đošić Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Priština, Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Časlav Stefanović Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Priština, Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Dejan Milić Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Niš
  • Mihajlo Stefanović Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Niš
Keywords: Selection combining (SC), Nakagami-m random variable, α-μ random variable, PDF, CDF, aLCR,


The paper takes into consideration dual-branch selection combining (SC) diversity reception technique in the presence of dissimilar fading at their branches. We efficiently obtained first and second order closed form statistics at the output of the considered model such as probability density function (PDF), cumulative distribution function (CDF) and average level crossing rate (aLCR). Moreover, obtained results are numerically presented for various sets of system model parameters and mainly confirmed by computer based MATLAB simulations.


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