Timsko učenje patologije: lekcije naučene iz pilot-studije

  • Shruti Bhargava SMS Medical College
  • Mohnish Grover
  • Neeraj Verma
  • Monica Jain
Ključne reči: Timsko učenje, Studentska percepcija, Ishod učenja


Background: Team based learning (TBL) is an approach where students are organised in groups where they learn from each other. TBL is a student cen- tric approach, which ensures active participation of each member and also pro- motes teamwork and learning ability. Looking at the teacher centric approach of the conventional teaching learning methods in medical education, where the students are mere passive learners and the sessions can be monotonous, TBL seems to be extremely relevant today as a more student centric teaching learn- ing method. Aim of this study was to compare TBL with conventional teaching learning method (CTL).

Methods: This randomised crossover study was conducted in the Department of Pathology, SMS Medical College, on 224 third semester medical students, wherein they were exposed to TBL session and their learning outcome and per- ception was compared to CTL. The data was analysed using Primer version 6 software.

Results: In this study, there was a statistically significant improvement (p < 0.001) in the score of students after exposure to TBL. Also, there was a significant difference in the learning outcome of students of TBL (mean assessment score 7.21) as compared to CTL (mean assessment score 6.09). The student perception trends revealed a positive tilt towards TBL, wherein 70.98 % students agreed that TBL was a better learning strategy as compared to lectures.

Conclusion: This pilot study concluded that TBL can be used as a supplement to the conventional lectures for improving the learning as well as team work and leadership skills of students.


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