Focus and Scope

The Singidunum Scientific Journal is a biannual, peer-reviewed journal which publishes significant original scientific research and reviews. The Journal is devoted to the publication of research results in the following areas: economy, management, tourism and hospitality, computer science and law.

The mission of the Journal is to assist researchers from all regions of the world in communicating their achievements in the global scientific community.

The Journal is available in printed and open access electronic version. The Journal is published in English.

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts should be submitted via an online submission system. All manuscripts are reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers. The Editors evaluate the quality and potential impact of the work. However, the submission may be declined by the Managing Editor without review, if deemed inappropriate for reasons other than scientific merit (work incomplete, inconclusive, merely confirmatory and of insufficient originality).

Authors are requested to suggest 3 persons competent (potential reviewers) to review their manuscript. However, this will be treated only as a suggestion, and the final selection of reviewers isexclusively the Editor's decision. The reviewers will attempt to provide constructive criticism to assist the authors in ultimately improving their work. The authors are also expected to fully address the reviewer's suggestions. The Managing Editor only communicates the final decision and informs the authors about further processing.

Potential conflicts of interest exist when an author, an editor or a reviewer has financial, personal or professional interests in a publication that might influence their scientific judgment. In order to avoid it, upon submission of a manuscript, authors may suggest excluding any specific editors or reviewers from the peer review of their article.

When the revision of a manuscript is requested, authors should return the revised version of their manuscript as soon as possible within 60 days. In the case of the second revision, authors need to return their revised manuscript within 20 days. If these deadlines are not met, and no specific arrangements for completion have been made with the Editor, the manuscript will be treated as a new one and will receive a new identification code along with a new registration date. Manuscripts, accepted for publication, are published online and may appear on the Website 1-2 months prior to regular print publication. Once a manuscript appears on the Website, it is considered as published.

Publication Frequency

The European Journal of Applied Economics is published twice a year (in April and in October).

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle of the signed contracts with the publishers.


All articles published in The European Journal of Applied Economics have open access and are available on-line from the moment of their acceptance for publishing. Access to the articles published by The European Journal of Applied Economics is enabled through the following repositories and data bases: