Focus and Scope

The main SCOPE of scientific journal INDUSTRIJA is sustainable economics including development, resources and welfare. According to JEL classification these include descriptors C-H, J, L, O i Q. INDUSTRIJA generally does not accept submission treating general economics and teaching, history of economic thought, methodology, and heterodox approaches.

Papers that in their empirical section have multy-country or regional approach are preffered.

Peer Review Process

All articles submitted to INDUSTRIJA will be at first processed to Editors for screening. Only the articles which are prepared according to the instructions for authors and within the journal scope will be further proceded to the reviewing process.

All articles accepted by Editors are subject to a double-blind peer review that provides an independent assessment of the article's quality and relevance with respect to INDUSTRIJA standards. If accepted by the reviewers, the authors will be informed on the Editor's decision considering the papers' acceptability for publication and required modifications.

The articles that have passed the reviewing process and are accepted will be published. However, Editor-in-Chief can, in his sole discretion, decide not to publish a paper.



All articles published in academic journal INDUSTRIJA have open access and are available on-line from the moment of their acceptance for publishing. Access to the articles published by INDUSTRIJA is enabled through the following repositories and data bases:


Academic journal INDUSTRIJA publishes exclusively the articles based on original research results with clear contribution to increase of knowledge or dissemination of new information in the field of sustainable economic development. The size of original research papers may not exceed 30.000 characters (with spaces, without abstract and references).

Review articles are accepted only from the authors with research background related to the article topic documented with at least 5 authors’ references cited in the article. The size of review article may not exceed 45000 characters (with spaces, without abstract and references).

Submissions are accepted only in proper English. All submissions are subject to check for plagiarism. Prior to publishing authors have to sign the statement on transfer of author’s rights.

All article accepted for publication in INDUSTRIJA are through the Online First service accessible before print publication and searchable and citable by their DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Ethics Statement

Ethics Statement

Publishing articles in INDUSTRIJA is a process which requires compliance with common ethical principles. Therefore it is necessary to agree upon ethical behaviour of all parties including the authors, the reviewers, the editors, and the publisher. This ethics statement is based on COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.


Journal INDUSTRIJA is continuously seeking the opinions of authors, readers, reviewers and editorial board members in improving journal’s processes. We are introducing all available technological solutions which are ensuring that content of published papers is in accordance with ethical principles.


All papers submitted to INDUSTRIJA need to be based on an original research. Authors should not submit manuscripts which are founded on the same research in more than one journal. Submitting such papers is treated as unethical publishing behaviour and is unacceptable.

Research results should be presented in a way that allows analysis and review, as well as replication of work in other research by using the described methodology. Exceptions are appropriate in the case of patent protection or similar, which needs to be stated in the manuscript.

Authors are expected to avoid selective reporting of data with the intent to mislead or deceive. Authors should ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the authors have used the work of others this must be appropriately cited or quoted. Such quotations and citations must be listed in the Reference at the end of the article. Any kind of plagiarism is unacceptable and the authors will be invited to retract any paper that is found to be fraud or to correct the results if possible.

It is expected that in the authors list are included all and only those authors who have substantially contributed to paper creation.


Peer reviewers are invited to disclose any potential competing interests before agreeing to review a submission.

INDUSTRIJA encourages reviewers to comment on ethical questions and possible research misconduct raised by submissions, like unethical research design, insufficient detail on methodology or similar.

Peers are presumed to review submitted paper with no impact of whatsoever party and to sustain on their work with respect to objectiveness. Any reviewer who consistently produces discourteous, poor quality or late reviews will be removed from the peers list.

Peers are invited to recommend new reviewers to the editors.


Editors of INDUSTRIJA are responsible for deciding which of the articles submitted to the journal should be published. Editors should give prompt and unbiased consideration to all submitted manuscripts. All and any judgement on its merits has to be without regard to gender, religious belief, nationality, race, or political philosophy of the authors. Every situation that may result with conflicts of interest should be avoided.

All information about a manuscript under consideration must not be disclosed to anyone other than reviewers or corresponding author. In special cases the editor may disclose submitted manuscript to other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as appropriate, if the topic of the manuscript is interdisciplinary or has direct or indirect impact on the publisher.

If editors were offered convincing evidence that the contents of a published paper are invalid, they should promote the publication of a correction or retraction of the paper by the author(s).


Publisher will provide help to introduce systems in place to detect falsified data, e.g. plagiarised text (either for routine use or when suspicions are raised).

Publisher will support authors whose copyright has been breached or who have been the victims of plagiarism.

Publisher will promote policies and systems in place to ensure that commercial considerations do not affect editorial decisions.

Journal History

INDUSTRIJA is an leading journal of national importance verified with special decision of Ministry of education, science and technological development of Republic of Serbia (Serbian category M51) in the field of social sciences - economy. It is published quarterly, since 1973.

The MISSSION of academic journal INDUSTRIJA is to be the source of information based on the economic, business, management and industrial engineering research with special emphasize on research from Central and Eastern Europe.

The VISION of editorial board and publisher is to develop INDUSTRIJA as a journal publishing highly relevant, professionally prepared articles, with permanent increase in its international impact, with the OBJECTIVE to be included in SCI list within forthcoming years.

The main SCOPE of scientific journal INDUSTRIJA based on JEL classification is in the fields of industrial organization, economic development, technological change, and growth as well as business administration and business economics including marketing and accounting (JEL subject descriptors C-R).

Starting with 01.03.2013 SUBMISSION of all manuscripts is accepted only through ASEESTANT on-line web site Basic instructions for utilization of ASEESTANT can be found at the following links bellow, but authors are encouraged to undergo the application intuitively since the ASEESTANT software is very user friendly. E-mailed submissions and hardcopy submissions will not be processed, and authors will be redirected to submit the manuscripts in ASEESTANT.