Prikaz knjige pod naslovom Metode za putopisce, Čarlsa Mansfilda

  • Jasna Potočnik Topler University of Maribor, Faculty of Tourism, Brezice


39 pages, Publisher: Travel Writers Online, Year: 2020

Writing skills are among the key skills in Higher Education, which has also been recognised by the National Quality Assurance agencies for Higher Education across the world. Thus, writing practice as part of the studies` curricula is of the utmost importance for students of various Study Programmes. In his book, Charles Mansfield, lecturer in Tourism Management and French at the University of Plymouth (UK), one of the leading experts in travel writing and literary tourism, and Co-Director of the Cornerstone Heritage Research Centre, focuses on practicing writing by employing travel writing skills, that is, writing before travelling, during this activity and after it. He (Mansfield, 2020) sees the significance of travel writing in the curation of cultural activities around the world. The e-booklet presents and discusses Professional Practice in Travel Writing, Heritage Management and Interpretation, Writing Practice in Higher Education, Travel Writer’s Methodology (the D-Methods, which are D1 The I-narrator, D2 Deixis and retraceability, D3 Sense and sensibilities, D4 Movement, D5 Literary links and toureme, D6 Respite, repose and restore, D7 Big history, D8 Ekphrasis of art or of cultural artefacts, D9 Meet a local, D10 Intertextuality, D11 Botanising, D12 From Geology to Architecture, D13 Tense, D14 Axiology and activism), Designing a Guided Walk as Preparatory Fieldwork for your Travel Writing, Research Project – An Example Structure, Research Paradigms for your Research Project Work, Work from the Field, to mention only a few. The booklet is the first one on the market that covers the main issues related to the challenges of travel writing comprehensively, and may, therefore, serve as a handbook and a guide in the development of travel writing texts in practice – recommended for university teachers and students, English for Specific Purposes specialists, travel writers, bloggers and professionals in Destination Branding and Destination Management.