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This Supplement issue of the Archives of Pharmacy contains abstracts presented at the 2nd Scientific Symposium of the Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia entitled „Pharmacy and the Nature - complex relationships and mutual impacts“.
Nature represents the basis, origin of ideas and resources for economic and social development, progress and well-being. Investigation and characterization of different natural materials enable their use as active or auxiliary substances in medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetic products development, as well as spices and additives for food industry, etc. However, unrestricted and irresponsible consumption of natural resources has led to serious violations of the environment, accompanied with frequent and excessive natural disasters.

Medicines use and manufacture represent sources of pharmaceutical pollution in water and soil where they can be found in the levels that pose high risk for plant and animal growth, and human health. Leading professional organizations and associations, including the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and Pharmaceutical Group of European Union (PGEU) have issued best practice papers and guidelines on green and sustainable approaches in different fields of professional pharmacy practice. Raising awareness and education of academic, professional and general public about different aspects related to environmental protection and preservation is important segment of these initiatives, as well as one of the aims of this meeting. Our aim is also to contribute to the general initiatives and movements to safeguard our planet, to indicate to the necessity of prudent exploitation, renewal and protection of natural resources, use of contemporary technologies for „green“ manufacture, prudent use of medicines, unused medicines and pharmaceutical waste collection and disposal, to contemplate about our research work and its impact on humans and the nature, to think about our everyday life, work and behaviour and the ways we can contribute to protect the environment and preserve the planet.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the authors for making the conference and this Supplement issue possible with their contributions and participation.

Scientific Board

Published: 2021/10/27

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