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Vol. 74 No. Notebook 2 (2024): Archives of Pharmacy

   A Word from the Guest Editors

 We are pleased to present the special issue of Archives of Pharmacy entitled "Advances in drug quality control". The pharmaceutical industry and life science laboratories around the world involved in drug development and control are constantly looking for advanced analytical methods to better characterize various pharmaceutical/biological systems. Developing new methods or updating the existing ones requires the application of new techniques and methods. The constant growth of the market for new generic drugs requires the continuous development of new and improved chromatographic analytical methods to characterize the purity or assay substances for pharmaceutical use. At the same time, quality control departments in the pharmaceutical industry are considered to be the hot spots when it comes to the generation, removal and disposal of many thousands of liters of laboratory waste. The answer to this problem is the introduction of green chemistry in drug quality control. It is not only a professional, but also a moral responsibility of pharmacists to take care of humanity and its health. The greening of analytical methods is not an easy task as it involves several approaches, including the reduction or replacement of toxic organic solvents or the use of newly introduced, insufficiently reviewed methods such as supercritical fluid chromatography. The use of tools to assess the environmental impact of analytical methods is of paramount importance in the pharmaceutical industry. High-performance chemometric methods, which can significantly reduce the number of experiments required and thus contribute to the sustainability of methods, have the greatest impact on reducing waste.

  With this in mind, in this special issue we have published studies on scientific news, findings and advances in the field of drug quality control. We are confident that the proposed variety of contemporary topics will be of interest and use to a wide scientific audience, and also to the practitioners of pharmaceutical analysis.

  Finally, we would like to thank the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Radica Stepanović Petrović, for her kind invitation to propose the theme for this issue of Archives of Pharmacy, and to all the authors who accepted the invitation to contribute their valuable papers to Archives of Pharmacy.

 Guest Editors

Anđelija Malenović, PhD, Full Professor

Ana Protić, PhD, Full Professor

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy

Department of Drug Analysis



Published: 2024/04/28

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